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RetroRalph Review – RetroShooter Arcade from Pandora’s Box

by Cole Sousa

Retro Ralph

@RetroRalph is back with another review on new Arcade Light Gun review from the Pandora Box’s team. How to buy:  https://retroshooter.com/checkout-rs5/

Light gun games made easy with the new RetroShooter!

In the world of lightgun gaming, enthusiasts have seen various options, from the Ultimark Aim Track to the PDP Mars and the Sinden. While each option has its merits, many of them lack a true plug-and-play experience. However, the team at RetroShooter claims to have a solution to this problem. In this review, we’ll unbox the RetroShooter, discuss its features, and explore how it performs in the lightgun gaming world.

Unboxing and Assembly

The RetroShooter comes with two guns, a red and a blue one, which need to be assembled upon unboxing. The guns have a decent weight and build quality, featuring a Pandora’s Box logo and the RetroShooter brand name. Additionally, the package includes sensors that attach to the TV and foot pedals for an immersive gaming experience. Setting up the RetroShooter is straightforward and meant to be a true plug-and-play option.

Game Selection and Calibration

The RetroShooter comes pre-loaded with various gun games, covering Dreamcast, PlayStation, and MAME titles. Users can easily access the gun games menu to find their favorite titles quickly. However, the lack of options to adjust aspect ratios may be a downside for those who prefer a non-stretched image.

Calibration is crucial to ensure accurate shooting in lightgun games. While the RetroShooter performs well when correctly calibrated, users may need to adjust the settings for a better experience. The built-in crosshairs can be helpful, but some games may require experimentation to achieve optimal performance.

Performance and Conclusion

Overall, the RetroShooter offers a satisfying plug-and-play experience for lightgun enthusiasts. While it may not match the customization options of some high-end solutions, it still provides solid performance and enjoyable gameplay. The build quality of the guns and the inclusion of sensors and foot pedals add to the immersion.

Lightgun gamers seeking a simple and hassle-free solution will likely appreciate the RetroShooter. With its pre-loaded gun games and easy setup process, it caters to those looking to dive right into the action without much setup or configuration.

In conclusion, the RetroShooter may not be the ultimate high-end lightgun solution, but it certainly delivers on its promise of a user-friendly plug-and-play experience. For casual gamers and those new to lightgun gaming, it’s definitely worth considering.

So, if you’re in the market for a straightforward lightgun gaming option, give the RetroShooter a try. It might just be the solution you’ve been looking for to enjoy classic lightgun titles with minimal hassle.


[GET YOUR RETRO SHOOTER HERE] Note: The option I demonstrated in the video is the Retro Shooter Gold Package https://retroshooter.com/checkout-rs5/ [ALREADY OWN A PB10? GET THE HUB, GUNS AND PEDALS HERE] https://retroshooter.com/checkout-10th5/ [INTERESTED IN THE MCLASSIC TO PROVIDE 4:3 SUPPORT] Note: Some TVs have a 4:3 mode, check this 1st before buying this solution. https://amzn.to/44s2goB [RETRO SHOOTER USER MANUAL] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XUYH…

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