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iiRcade Mod Updates! GRS & Team Encoder Projects!

by Arcade Man

iiRcade Mod Updates! Status of GRS & Team Encoder Projects!

Hey everyone,  P-Dubs!  is back with another article on iiRcade. Thanks for joining me for another update on iiRcade mod projects. In this blog post, we’ll cover the latest news regarding the mobile application shutdown, the exciting developments from Team Encoder, and the progress on the GRS control panel project. Let’s dive right in!

The Mobile App Shutdown

As some of you may have heard, the mobile application for iiRcade has been officially shut down. This means that the ability to download and install your purchased games onto the arcade machine is no longer available. If you didn’t get a chance to push your games to the machine before the shutdown, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do so now. This news was somewhat expected since the bankruptcy announcement, so hopefully, most of you were able to transfer your games in time.

Team Encoder’s USB Enabler Device

Now, onto the good news! Team Encoder has been hard at work on their projects, and they’ve come up with an incredible solution – the Team Encoder USB Enabler Device. This device is a small, simple board that can be easily installed into your original generation one iiRcade. The USB Enabler allows you to connect accessories and peripherals to your arcade machine, expanding its capabilities.

Some content creators have already shown off the installation process, which seems straightforward and user-friendly. With this device, you can now connect and use peripherals like light guns to play games that support them. This is great news for those who were waiting for light gun compatibility on their iiRcade machines.

Additionally, there’s speculation that this device could potentially enable more future modding possibilities, like adding more games or running custom software, thanks to the ongoing efforts of Team Encoder.

GRS Control Panel Project

In parallel with Team Encoder’s software mods, Glenn from Glenn’s Retro Show (GRS) has been working on a hardware mod – the GRS Control Panel. This control panel is designed to be compatible with both the original iiRcade and the Gold Edition cabinets. The exciting part is that it comes with a trackball and a spinner, which adds even more gameplay options to your arcade experience.

Currently, the trackball works with some pre-installed games, like Space Harrier, but there are hopes that the combined efforts of Team Encoder and GRS will allow the trackball to be utilized in even more games in the future.

Additionally, Glenn is releasing the GRS Viper board, a separate SBC (Single Board Computer) running Linux and Batocera. This opens up possibilities for emulation enthusiasts to run various emulators on their iiRcade machines.

Some Limitations

While the USB Enabler Device from Team Encoder is an exciting addition for original iiRcade owners, unfortunately, it is not compatible with the Gold Edition cabinets. However, it is expected to be compatible with the vast majority of iiRcade owners, who own the original generation one cabinets.

The GRS Viper board is set to be compatible with both the Legacy and Gold cabinets, making it an attractive choice for those looking to expand their arcade’s capabilities.


That’s it for this iiRcade mod updates blog post! It’s clear that the modding community is hard at work to enhance the iiRcade experience for all users. Despite some limitations for Gold Edition cabinet owners, the majority of iiRcade enthusiasts can look forward to adding more games and exciting accessories to their arcade machines.

Remember to stay updated on batch releases for the Team Encoder USB Enabler Device, as they might sell out quickly. And if you’re interested in the GRS Control Panel and the GRS Viper board, keep an eye out for Glenn’s updates.

Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below. Don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up if you found it valuable, and as always, thank you for subscribing and being a part of this community! Happy gaming!

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