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Arcade1Up XL Cabinet Monitor Upgrade! Is This is an Essential Mod

by Arcade Man

Arcade1Up XL Cabinet Monitor Upgrade! Is This an Essential Mod?

Arcade1Up XL Cabinet Monitor Upgrade! Is This an Essential Mod? Last year Arcade1Up released the first 2 cabinets in their XL Line with Golden Tee 3D and NBA Jam Shaq Edition. Both cabs were awesome featuring a new riserless design, 19 inch screen and larger form factor that made me feel like this is what Arcade1Up should have been making all along. Unfortunately, the 19″ screen was a new TB model that had poor backlighting that made the picture suffer from slight angles and ruined the overall experience. In this video i will be swapping out the stock monitor in both cabs with a Dell monitor to see if someone with my limited skill set can do it and if it is worth the time and money

19KFox Monitor Upgrade: https://youtu.be/DvTqVRFxMdw

Dell P1917s Monitor: https://amzn.to/3KKvY0p

Screen Upgrade Experience

Michael B sets the stage, highlighting his love for Arcade1Up XL cabinets but acknowledging their weak point – the screens. He introduces the concept of a screen upgrade that promises to transform these cabinets from good to excellent.

Modding Journey Begins

With a mix of humor and enthusiasm, Michael B explains how he embarked on the modding journey. He admits his modest modding skills, yet emphasizes that anyone can attempt this upgrade. He gives credit to his inspiration, 19k Fox, who has detailed instructional videos on the process.

Monitor Selection and Preparation

Michael B dives into the technical aspects, detailing his choice of monitor and the process of “decasing” it. He shares his experience of carefully opening the monitor and accessing the internal components, offering advice to those attempting this for the first time.

Cabinet Modification Process

The blog post continues with a step-by-step breakdown of the cabinet modification process. Michael B takes us through disassembling the Golden Tee 3D and NBA Jam Shack Edition cabinets, accessing the screen, and removing the bezel for the upgrade.

Monitor Replacement and Testing

With the original screens removed, Michael B showcases how the new Dell monitors are fitted into the cabinets. He shares insights into reconnecting cables and testing the upgraded screens. He highlights the importance of careful handling throughout the process.

The Results

Michael B presents a before-and-after comparison of the upgraded screens in action. He highlights the significant improvement in color, vibrancy, and overall visual quality. He admits to a minor issue with a “hot spot” on one screen but celebrates the success of the overall mod.

Is the Upgrade Essential?

The blog post concludes with Michael B’s opinion on the necessity of this upgrade. He asserts that while he loves the Arcade1Up XL cabinets, the screen upgrade is crucial to fully enjoy their potential. He addresses the concerns of buying a product just to modify it and advises potential modders to follow 19k Fox’s approach of waiting for a sale before purchasing the cabinet.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, Michael B reiterates his appreciation for the upgraded cabinets and invites readers to share their thoughts on the screen upgrade and its impact on the Arcade1Up XL experience.

About the Author

Michael B, also known as The Game Genie, is a passionate retro gaming and home arcade enthusiast. He enjoys sharing his experiences and insights through his videos and blog posts, helping fellow gamers make the most of their gaming setups.

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