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Arcade1Up Walmart Scam? What’s Going On?

by Arcade Man

Article Break Down

In a recent turn of events, the arcade gaming community was taken by storm when seemingly incredible clearance sales
for Arcade1Up cabinets and home arcade products appeared on Walmart’s website. However, as the saying goes, “if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.” In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the
potential Walmart scam that has left many enthusiasts questioning the authenticity of these deals.

The Excitement of Unreal Deals

The buzz began when numerous posts surfaced on social media platforms about unbelievable clearance sales on Walmart
for popular Arcade1Up cabinets, such as NBA Jam XL, Capcom Shinko Hadouken Legacy cabinet, NFL Blitz, and toy shock
pinball machines. These deals seemed too good to pass up, with prices slashed to $200 or even $120, presenting a nostalgic reminder of the days of $50 Walmart clearance sales.

Unveiling the Suspicion

While these deals appeared to be from Walmart’s official website, a closer look revealed that they were not directly offered by Walmart. Instead, they were listed by a third-party seller named Signify Sale LLC. This raised eyebrows within the community, prompting concerned individuals to investigate further.

Shady Business Practices

As people delved deeper into the legitimacy of the sales, they found something even more unsettling. The physical address listed for Signify Sale LLC was traced to a peculiar location: a Quality Inn motel in Titusville, Florida.
Such an unconventional business setup only added to the suspicions that this might be a scam.

Confirmation of the Scam

Soon, evidence began to mount, suggesting that this was indeed a scam. All the orders placed under these clearance sales were being shipped using the same tracking information. Many users reported their findings to Walmart, leading to the company confirming that the sales were indeed fraudulent.

Walmart’s Assurance and Refunds

While the situation caused frustration among those who had made purchases, Walmart assured its customers that they would be protected from the scam. The affected customers were promised full refunds, giving them peace of mind that their money would eventually be returned.

Waiting for Resolution

As Walmart investigates the matter further, those who placed orders will need to exercise patience until August 1st. By that time, it will become evident whether any of the deals actually went through. Some people, willing to take the risk, decided to let their orders stand, hoping that their purchases would be honored.

Learnings and Community Reactions

This incident serves as a reminder to remain vigilant while shopping online, especially when incredible deals seem too good to be true. The arcade gaming community expressed disappointment and concern about such scams tarnishing their favorite pastime.


The Arcade1Up Walmart scam served as a cautionary tale for the home arcade community, reminding them to stay alert
and exercise caution when encountering seemingly fantastic deals. While it is disheartening to see people fall victim to scams, Walmart’s swift action in addressing the issue and promising full refunds shows the importance of dealing with reputable and trusted sellers. As the community looks forward to the resolution of this incident, they will undoubtedly remain cautious but hopeful for future legitimate deals on their favorite arcade products.

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