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Arcade1up Time Crisis Cabinet Reveal

by Arcade Man

Time Crisis Arcade1up cab is here. The cabinet looks amazing and has four great games with:

  1. TIme Crisis
  2. Point Blank
  3. Steel Gunner 1
  4. Steel Gunner 2

The Cabinet also comes with a metal pedal for games like Time Crisis to use. Arcade currently is priced between $599 & $750. You can pick up the cab at arcade1up.com or other retailers(Coming Soon). Check out the video above for additional details and see the description below.

Arcade1Up Announces Time Crisis Machine

That’s right, you asked for it – we brought it! Arcade1Up is extremely excited to announce our brand new Time Crisis machine, developed in conjunction with Bandai Namco. This is the latest edition of the Arcade1Up family, and to talk about this with me more is one of my favorite members of the community, Michael B.

Light Guns

The cabinet uses Sinden Light Guns which are considered one of the best on the market. Sinden Light Guns

Sinden Light Gun

Force Feedback and Gameplay

Video Excerpt:

Michael B: Yeah, like with your light guns on your last shooter cabinet, you added a new feature with the actual force feedback, like with Terminator 2. This time, have you done anything different to really accentuate the experience?

Michael A: Absolutely! What’s so exciting is, at Arcade1Up, we really bridge the line between real feel and improvement, and we wanted to do something really exciting for our next shooter. So, we’ve added actual mechanical force feedback to the guns, so you are going to get a real kick above solenoids of the past. Oh, that is awesome! I can’t wait to see that in action.

Durable Pedal and Design

Michael B: So, with Time Crisis, it’s actually a unique shooter because there’s another element where it includes a pedal. Now, I know a lot of people in the community love your driving games, but they’re always a little bit concerned with the pedals’ durability. What steps have you taken to make this pedal on this cabinet maybe more durable?

Michael A: What’s so exciting is we didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, and we didn’t want this machine to be a crisis. So, we have actually made the single most durable pedal to date. We’ve actually used real metal, so it should stand up to even the most enthusiastic of fans. That’s great! The cabinet looks really cool.


Time Crisis Arcade1up

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