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Arcade1up Time Crisis Cabinet with Point Blank – Is it Real?

by Arcade Man

Time Crisis Arcade1up Cabinet – Is it Coming?

Exciting news has surfaced in the world of Arcade1Up, courtesy of Reddit. A brand new Reddit account, affiliated with the Arcade1Up subreddit, has posted a link to a German website featuring a new listing for Arcade1Up’s Time Crisis cabinet. The question on everyone’s mind: has the crisis been averted?

Rumors and Speculations

For the past 48 hours, rumors have been swirling regarding the fate of the Arcade1Up Time Crisis cabinet. Some speculations even suggested that the cabinet had been canceled due to an FCC listing application related to Wi-Fi capabilities. FCC approval is mandatory for products with online functionality. However, recent developments have cast doubt on these claims.


A Glance at the German Listing

The German website listing provides crucial insights into the Time Crisis cabinet. This deluxe arcade cabinet, standing tall at 70 inches, is designed without a riser. It’s equipped with a 17-inch screen and features four games: Time Crisis, Point Blank, Steel Gunner 1, and Steel Gunner 2. The presence of these games has been confirmed, quelling some of the uncertainty surrounding the cabinet’s content.

Design Elements and Features

The design of the cabinet has gone through some notable changes. The kick plate artwork and a light-up coin door have been added, enhancing the cabinet’s visual appeal. The cabinet’s red tints provide a striking contrast and make it an eye-catching addition to any game room. The pedal design has also seen an upgrade, potentially incorporating a metal foot pedal for Time Crisis.

One Pedal, Two Games

While the Time Crisis game only requires a single pedal, the cabinet’s other games—Point Blank and Steel Gunner—support two-player gameplay without the need for the pedal. This design choice ensures compatibility with the different gameplay mechanics of the included titles.

Appearance and Impressions

From an appearance standpoint, the cabinet has received positive feedback. The removal of excessive gray and the addition of side artwork contribute to its arcade-like aesthetics. Standing at 70 inches, it boasts an extended marquee section that adds to its overall height. The use of 17-inch screens, while debated, aligns with Arcade1Up’s design choices for these types of cabinets.

Unanswered Questions

While the design improvements are promising, there are still important questions that need answers. The cost of the cabinet, the quality of emulation, the functionality of the guns, and the durability of the pedal remain unknown factors. These factors will play a pivotal role in the final verdict on the Time Crisis cabinet.

Final Thoughts

The leaked information about the Arcade1Up Time Crisis cabinet showcases promising updates and enhancements to its design. While appearances are positive, the cabinet’s success hinges on its pricing, emulation quality, and overall functionality. As more details emerge, the gaming community eagerly awaits a clearer picture of what this Arcade1Up cabinet will offer.

What are your thoughts on this new leak? Do you find the design improvements appealing? Are you excited about the Time Crisis cabinet, or has it fallen off your radar? Share your opinions and reactions in the comments below!

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