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by Cole Sousa
Happ Buttons
Arcade Buttons

Arcade Buttons
For both Full Scale, Arcade 1up, and more

Our arcade button guide covers the 3 main types of buttons: Sanwa, Suzo Happ, and standard buttons. Sanwa buttons are sensitive and ideal for competition. Suzo Happ buttons are durable and fit for commercial setups. Buy buttons according to your arcade cabinet or control panel compatibility and consider size, color, actuation force, and micro-switch type to improve your gaming experience. Our wide selection of arcade buttons is perfect for custom arcade cabinet builders or anyone looking to upgrade their existing setup.


Arcade Joy Sticks

Our guide on arcade joysticks helps you choose the perfect joystick to enhance your gaming experience. We offer Suzo Happ and other popular brands that are renowned for their sturdiness and precision. Consider joystick type, gate style, compatibility, responsiveness, and actuation force when selecting the best joystick. Our diverse range of arcade joysticks ensures you'll find the perfect fit whether you're into fighting games or nostalgic classics.

Encoder Boards
Encoder Boards

Boards for all needs

Arcade enthusiasts, find the perfect encoder board for your arcade cabinet and control pannel. Choose from I-PAC, A-PAC, Zero-delay, trackball, spinner, and USB encoder boards for smooth and responsive gameplay.

Control Panels

All in one Kits

Check out the tons of companies that offer all in one control panels and kits for Arcade1up and AtGames and more!


Arcade Mod Stores

Welcome to our ultimate guide on arcade mod stores! When it comes to upgrading or customizing your arcade setup, finding the right mod store is crucial to ensure quality products and excellent service. We've curated a list of some of the most reputable and sought-after stores in the arcade modding community.

Ultimarc is a well-established name, known for its top-notch encoder boards, arcade controls, and innovative solutions. 99-lives is a go-to destination for unique and customized arcade parts, offering a vast selection of buttons, joysticks, and accessories. Tulsa Arcade provides a wide range of classic arcade components and restoration services, perfect for vintage arcade enthusiasts.

UpgradeArcade specializes in high-performance modding components and kits, ideal for competitive gamers looking to level up their gaming experience. These are just a few examples of the fantastic mod stores available, each offering its unique selection and expertise. No matter your arcade modding needs, these stores have you covered with top-quality products and exceptional customer support. Get ready to take your arcade setup to the next level!

Mod Store Kits

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