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An Arcade1Up BurgerTime XL Arcade? Could It Happen?

by Arcade Man

An Arcade1Up BurgerTime XL Arcade? Could It Happen?


The Leaked Arcade One Up Pac-Man XL Machine

Recently, there was a leak about the upcoming Arcade One Up Pac-Man XL arcade machine that’s set to hit Costco stores in September. Around 12,000 of these machines are rumored to be available for purchase. This got gamers wondering what the future holds for Arcade One Up and whether we might see something truly exciting next year.

The Year of the Deluxe

Looking back at 2023, it seems like Arcade One Up has been playing it safe by releasing several deluxe versions and re-releases. While these offerings have been enjoyable for fans, some are craving something new and innovative.

The Limited Run of Burger Time

One particular arcade machine that caught the attention of many was the Burger Time arcade. Unfortunately, this machine had a very limited run, making it a rare find for most collectors. Data East, the company behind Burger Time, has shown a willingness to license its titles to various manufacturers.

Bringing Back Burger Time in an XL Form

The idea of bringing back Burger Time in an XL form factor has been gaining traction. A full-size Burger Time arcade with the chef hat-shaped side panels and perhaps some game swapping to accommodate the four joysticks (originally for the game Karate Champ) could make for an attractive proposition.

The Appeal of an XL Burger Time Arcade

With Arcade One Up’s successful integration of light-up marquees and 19-inch Boe monitors, an XL Burger Time arcade could be a sight to behold. Including other Data East classics and enabling online co-op gameplay would be a fantastic addition to any gamer’s collection.

Burger Time’s Enduring Popularity

Despite being a Data East title, Burger Time remains one of the top 50 arcade games of all time. Its popularity has endured over the years, with fans still enjoying the nostalgic gameplay even today.

Community Feedback

As the gaming community eagerly awaits new announcements from Arcade One Up, the question remains: Should they revisit Data East and bring back Burger Time as either a deluxe or an XL version? The answer lies with the fans, so let your voice be heard in the comments below!

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