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4TBCoinOps – Hyperspin​ Gaming Hard Drive – RetroBeast

by Arcade Man
Gaming Hard Drive

RetroBeast Hardrive

Check out KrisCoolMod.com site for some of the best gaming Hard Drives around. Kris’s systems are built using the Multi Retro Arcade System. Kris Offers hard drive in the following Formats:


Retro Beast

The Kriscoolmod is a gaming drive that offers 16/96TB of storage and has 50 years of gaming experience. It comes with free monthly updates, bug fixes, and a one-click save backup feature. It supports multiple controllers, launchers, and themes, and has a unique interface and art. The drive is plug and play and comes with pre-installed gaming drivers. It requires a Windows PC and an Xbox controller. The drive offers free shipping in the USA and Canada and ships worldwide with a shipping fee. No taxes are charged, and the custom declaration is $100.

What??? This thing even plays Nintendo Switch

Check it out: https://www.kriscoolmod.com/ 

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