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Arcade1up Terminator 2 mod with Gun4IR

by Arcade Man

Is it possible and is it worth it?

Gaming enthusiasts, gather around! In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of arcade modding and exploring the fascinating realm of the 1up Terminator 2 mod with Gun4IR technology. If you’re a fan of arcade classics and cutting-edge modifications, you’re in for a treat. Let’s delve into the details!

The Terminator 2 Arcade Mod

Picture this: the iconic Terminator 2 arcade machine, brought back to life with a twist. The 1up Terminator 2 arcade machine, complete with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) guns, has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the integration of Gun4IR technology. This means the internal components were swapped out, replaced with Gun4IR technology and a genuine 12-volt solenoid for an authentic recoil experience.

Powerful Hardware Upgrades

But that’s not all. The heart of this mod is powered by a brand-new Ryzen 5 processor, accompanied by eight gigabytes of RAM and a 1050 TI low-profile graphics card. The machine is driven by a 750-watt power supply, which is not only powerful but also upgradable to accommodate up to a Nvidia 3080 graphics card and a whopping 128 gigabytes of RAM. This beast of a setup ensures seamless gaming performance, eliminating lag and ensuring a smooth arcade experience.

Modifications and Considerations

Why was this modification necessary? The original light guns that come with the Terminator 2 arcade machine cannot be used for third-party applications or computers due to restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. Attempting to hack these light guns has resulted in cease and desist orders. Therefore, to truly enhance the gaming experience, modifying the internals becomes the way forward.

However, the decision to modify comes with considerations. Is this mod worth it? While the 1up Terminator 2 mod is undoubtedly an exciting endeavor, it’s essential to weigh the costs and benefits. The mod involves replacing the internal components, which might not be everyone’s first choice. The cost of modifying the machine can add up, reaching a point where opting for a pre-built solution might be more cost-effective.

T2 Arcade1up cabinet

Alternatives and Recommendations

If you’re looking for an alternative or a more cost-effective solution, the creator recommends exploring their mid-size light gun arcade machines. These come with Gun4IR technology, better guns, and larger screens. The creator also highlights that certain games might not be compatible due to control limitations, like Time Crisis 5, which requires specific buttons or pedals.

Inside the Mod

For the tech-savvy, the blog post also delves into the technical aspects of the mod, from the recessed monitor to the modified light guns. The modding process involves cleverly arranging components within the cabinet, ensuring clean wire management, and integrating the Gun4IR technology for a true arcade experience.


In conclusion, the 1up Terminator 2 mod with Gun4IR technology is an exciting journey into the world of arcade modding. It combines nostalgia with cutting-edge hardware and technology to deliver a unique gaming experience. While the decision to modify comes with considerations, it’s ultimately a matter of personal preference and passion for arcade gaming. Whether you choose to dive into this mod or explore alternatives, the world of arcade gaming continues to evolve and captivate enthusiasts.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of the 1up Terminator 2 mod with Gun4IR technology. If you’re ready to step into the world of modded arcade machines, the options are yours to discover!

Arcade1up T2 Cab  


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